COMBA STORE: Uniforms and Fan Gear


This year is a NEW uniform year for Comba. These uniform will last for 2 seasons (2019/20 and 2020/21). Click HERE to see what is included in the Uniform Kit.

Field Player Uniform Kit Order Form

YOUTH Goalie Kit Order Form

ADULT Goalie Kit Order Form


HOME UNIFORM: Blue Jersey/Blue Shorts/Blue Socks
AWAY UNIFORM: Yellow Jersey/Blue Shorts/Yellow Socks



Comba is excited to offer Fan Gear through our new online COMBA FC STORE!  The COMBA STORE is currently CLOSED. The Comba Store will not reopen the February 2020.

Comba FC Store HERE


Item Pick-Up
Once the store closes all orders will be placed with vendors. Once all orders have been fulfilled and sorted, we will set up a one time pick up at the practice field. If your unable to pick up at that time you can arrange to pick up from Shana Hawes at her house in Sandy.

If you have questions regarding Uniforms or Fan Gear, please contact Shana Hawes at