Frequently Asked Questions

What is Comba FC’s Mission Statement?

The mission of COMBA FC is to prepare athletes for the next level of competition. We commit to do this through age appropriate training, a positive development environment, and maintaining a fun enjoyable experience. Focusing on the players first, each individual should have strong fundamentals, confidence, and good sportsmanship to carry them to their highest potential. Focusing on teamwork second, each individual will have a strong understanding of their individual role and how this creates a stronger team. Our organization believes it starts with quality coaches and organizational volunteers who are passionate, supportive and exemplary role models of sportsmanship.


What is Comba FC?

Pronounced kō This is a Columbian word for “to bend the ball”. Established in 2015, Comba is a Member Organization of UYSA.  Founders Tracy Burnett and Alejandro Gutierez (Guti) wanted to provide a different experience and specific field play.


When are tryouts?
U12 and younger will be the week of June 8th, 2020
U13 and older will be the week of June 15th, 2020

For the latest tryout information, check out our Tryouts page here


How do I decide what age group my player is?

UYSA has moved to birth year. For the 2019/20 seasonal year, the ages are:

S Soccer Age Group Chart

2019-2020 Seasonal Year 2020-2021 Seasonal Year
Birth Year Age Group Birth Year Age Group
2001 U19 2002 U19
2002 U18 2003 U18
2003 U17 2004 U17
2004 U16 2005 U16
2005 U15 2006 U15
2006 U14 2007 U14
2007 U13 2008 U13
2008 U12 2009 U12
2009 U11 2010 U11
2010 U10 2011 U10
2011 U9 2012 U9

How often do you practice? Where?

Comba FC ages U10 and older practices year round, 2 times per week. U9 teams practice year round, 2 times per week in Summer/Fall/Spring and once a week during Winter. U7 -U8 teams practice year round, 2 times per week in Fall/Spring and once a week during Summer/Winter. Most Comba teams practice at Millrace Park 1200 W 5400 S, Murray, Utah (Summer, Fall and Spring). Currently, winter practice are at the state of the art Riverbend Sports Complex 1085 Winding River Cv, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.


Where is Comba FC located?

Comba players come from all over the Salt Lake Valley.  Our practice and home fields are in fairly central locations with easy freeway access.



Comba FC operates on a 2 year cycle. New uniform cycle began with the 2019/20 season. These uniforms will be used through the end of the 2020/21 season

More information about Uniforms and Fan Gear visit here



Meet the coaches page here


What are Comba FC fee’s?

The total cost for playing competitive soccer is comprised of several components. Year round from June 2020 – May 2021. You can access them at the following locations

2020:21 Comba Club Fees

2020/21 UYSA State Fees (Link to UYSA Website here) For the 2020/21 season, UYSA will NOT be charging the Legacy Field Project Fee.

2020/21 Referee Fees


2020/21 Comba FC Refund Policy

2020/21 UYSA Refund Policy

Of course, other fees may apply based on an individual team’s participation in tournaments and indoor winter leagues. Once the team has decided on tournaments, the additional fees will be communicated through the team manager. Most team will participate in 1-2 summer tournaments and some may participate in out of state tournaments. Teams may choose to participate in 1-2 indoor winter leagues.