COMBA STORE: Uniforms and Fan Gear


Comba operates on a 2 year uniform cycle. This year is a NOT a new uniform year for Comba. Uniforms used/purchased last season (2019/20) will also be used for this season (2020/21). If you are new to Comba for the 2020/21 season, you will be required to purchase a Uniform Kit package. Click HERE to see what is included in the Uniform Kit.

Field Player Uniform Kit Order Form

YOUTH Goalie Kit Order Form

ADULT Goalie Kit Order Form


HOME UNIFORM: Blue Jersey/Blue Shorts/Blue Socks
AWAY UNIFORM: Yellow Jersey/Blue Shorts/Yellow Socks



Comba is excited to offer Fan Gear through an online COMBA FC Fan Gear STORE! The Comba FC Fan Gear Store is open 24/7 and 365 days a year!!

Comba FC Fan Gear Store HERE

Comba FC Training Items Store HERE


If you have questions regarding Uniforms or Fan Gear, please contact Jeni Walton at